Dry cargo – keeping a clear view

Time has become more valuable than ever. A smooth and efficient transfer of your goods gives you the competitive edge that may well prove decisive. In international trade an experienced and dedicated logistics partner can be of crucial importance.

Oudkerk guarantees hassle-free handling of importing vessels. Whether your cargo is in transshipment or discharging to shore, Oudkerk takes care of all documents and communications between agents, stevedores, inspection and barging companies.

With our stockpile control services we see to it that you have a clear view of your cargo at any time. Whenever it is required we can give you, your customer or any other party involved an up-to-date report on the status of the stock.

It is essential to you and your customers that every link in the logistics chain is strong and reliable. By carefully coordinating the services of stevedores, barge operators, rail operators and their principals, Oudkerk make sure stock, even when stored at several different locations, is loaded on time.

Services details

Oudkerk manages the logistics chain of your dry cargo by means of a solid set of services:
– transshipment coordination
– stockpile control
– (inland) barge and rail coordination
– chartering

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