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Oudkerk Port agency services in all major Dutch and Belgian ports

Oudkerk has kept pace with the evolution in agency and transport requirements for the international offshore industry operating on the continental shelves in the North Sea since 1960. We render our services to all types of floating objects engaged in offshore exploration, oil/gas production, and storage, commissioning and decommissioning of oil wells and construction of offshore windmill farms for sustainable energy.

Opportunities to provide our agency and transport services to these pioneers gave us a leading edge in servicing this industry. All our activities take into account our customers’ high operation standards and environmental commitment. For many years we have counted the major Dutch offshore operators, active in the local and the global markets, amongst our regular and valued customers.

Oudkerk aims to be the partner of choice and to have a track record of operational excellence by continuously improving our performance to meet the ever-changing demand of the offshore industry.

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